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DeceptiConf - A design conference for the dark side.

The next generation of web users are tech-savvy and suspicious. They know how to use dev tools, they can detect a phishing scam from a mile away, and they certainly aren’t accepting any checks from Western Union.

At DeceptiConf you’ll learn about the latest dark patterns being developed to trick even the smartest visitors, and you’ll learn how to deploy them without ever being detected.

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Staples Center
Los Angeles


Learn from the experts on the cutting-edge of deception at the most sinister companies.

Steven McHail

Designer at Globex Corporation

Jaquelin Isch

UX Design at InGen

Dianne Guilianelli

General Manager at Initech

Ronni Cantadore

Design Engineer at Weyland-Yutani

Erhart Cockrin

Product Lead at Cyberdyne Systems

Parker Johnson

UI Designer at MomCorp

Our three day schedule is jam-packed with brilliant, creative, evil geniuses.

The worst people in our industry giving the best talks you’ve ever seen. Nothing will be recorded and every attendee has to sign an NDA to watch the talks.

The first day of the conference is focused on dark patterns for ecommerce.

Next we spend the day talking about deceiving people with technology.

We close out the event previewing new techniques that are still in development.

  1. Steven McHail

    Not so one-time payments

    - PST

  2. Jaquelin Isch

    The finer print

    - PST

  3. Dianne Guilianelli

    Post-purchase blackmail

    - PST

  4. Lunch

    - PST

  5. Ronni Cantadore

    Buy or die

    - PST

  6. Erhart Cockrin

    In-person cancellation

    - PST

  7. Parker Johnson

    The pay/cancel switcheroo

    - PST

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